M de Alejandria is a long-standing dream that began to be fulfilled in 2014.

It is the fruit of the passion for the land and vineyards as well as the dedication of a small but great team. The M de Alejandria grapes grow on the La Alberca farm in Teulada and the wine is made by Daniel Belda, Viticulturist and Winemaker of Bodegas Belda in Fontanars dels Alforins.

M de Alejandria is a sweet wine and the process for its elaboration is like an ice wine, carrying out the freezing procedure in the cellar. A unique variety worked with great passion from the field to the winery, which gave us its first fruits of the harvest in 2017.

Now arriving are the first 1200 bottles of M de Alejandría, a limited and numbered series with the aim of making your special moments sweeter. This is the story of M de Alejandria , I hope you get a chance to try it soon and that you like and enjoy it as much as the team who created it.

Cristina Rodriguez Vicente

29 de Abril de 2018


In Teulada, Alicante, in a privileged environment, we find the estate L’Alberca.
The family house is surrounded by a hectare and a half of grapevines that were planted in trellis in 2014.

The chosen variety could only be the Moscatel, cultivated since the past in this area and historically known due its aroma and taste.
This way we were recovering an ancient vineyard area which was part of the classic landscape of this corner next to the Mediterranean.
The passion for the land and grapevines, the fertile soil, the closeness to the coast and the wheather are the result of this small project.

Thanks to the care and the pumper to the land and grapevines, in September 2016 we tasted the first grapes. A unique moment confirming us that we were on the way.

My wine

In 2016 with the first grapes we did a small try of what M de Alejandria would be.
We bet on a unique variety, which worked with passion from the land to the wine celler, becomes a sweet wine to share the special moments of the classical and new wine lovers.

Our objective has been getting a Sweet Wine able to captivate the most demanding tastes.
It is a very special personal project and due to it we wanted to take care of all details.

From the expert hands which have taken care of the grapevines and have produced the wine to its presentation to enhance
the value of M de Alejandria, we got the sweet wine fruit of our vineyards.


Daddy, some day we also will produce our own wine, isn't it?
Everyear, at Christmas, one of the best friends of my dad, treated us a wine bottle which he produced. For me it was something fascinating... And always dreamed that some day I would also produce my own wine and would share it with my friends at Christmas.

A dream of many years which started to became true just three years ago.
Thanks to all people who have crossed my life and have shared this dream with me and helped to add some dose of madness needed to get it become true.
2017 has been a good year, with good weather, rains and even a snowfall in January... December arrived and as so many times I have dreamed, we are presenting our wine.

A special wine to share with special people. From this harvest we got 1400 bottles, a limited and numbered series.
Yes, daddy! Finally the big day arrived and a dream came true. We have our own wine! I'm sure that from where you are, you will smile and will say again... “Yes, yes... we will produce our own wine”