Sweet white wine

M de Alejandría is a sweet white wine made by freezing Muscatel grapes and is inspired by ice wines.

International Awards Wine and Women 2020: Diamond in the category of Wines chosen by women and Wines made by women. Silver medal at the 21st Concours International Muscats du Monde.

The native variety Muscatel of Alejandría gives it a fruity aroma, floral notes, and a slight acidity acquired from the preparation method.

Ideal for pairing with desserts, cheese, chocolate, nougat, or fruit.

Fact Sheet

Sweet White Wine

Vineyard: Teulada Moraira. La Alberca

Variety: Muscatel of Alejandría

Winemaker and Winery: Daniel Belda

Harvest: September 2021

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Ideal Temperature: 9°C

Production Method: Grape Freezing

Tasting notes

Appearance: Clear, translucent, and bright. Straw yellow with golden tones.

Nose: Sincere in its aromas, with hints of roses, jasmine, thyme, lemon, and honey.

Palate: The aromas perceived on the nose are repeated and intensified. The result is an aromatic wine, fresh with citrus notes, and balsamic due to the combination of herbs, flowers, and honey. After sipping, it leaves behind long-lasting flavors, a wine of great richness.

Pairing: Perfect for pairing with desserts, cheese, nougat, and fruit. Chocolate, Foie Gras, Salted Fish


M de Alejandría is a dream that began to come true in 2014, after many years of anticipation. It is the result of a passion for the land and the vineyards and the dedication of a small but great team. The grapes for M de Alejandría are grown in the La Alberca house in Teulada-Moraira, Alicante, and the Viticulturist and Winemaker is Daniel Belda from Bodegas Belda in Fontanars dels Alforins, Valencia.

M de Alejandría is a sweet wine and the process for its production involves freezing Muscat grapes. A unique variety, Muscatel of Alejandria, worked with great passion from the vineyard to the winery, bore its first fruits with the 2017 harvest. 

We are growing as the vineyard grows and each year we produce a limited and numbered series.

In 2017, the vineyard gifted us the first 1200 bottles of M de Alejandría. Currently, we are in the market with 4200 bottles from the 2021 harvest.

This is the story of M de Alejandría. I hope you taste it, like it, and enjoy it as much as the team that has created it has.

2021 Harvest. 4200 bottles. 4200 moments to share.


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